Thoughts on Turning 30 with Rachel of

One thing I love to do is read about other people’s experiences. Testimonials, autobiographies, confessions… you name it. Picking up bits of wisdom here and there from others allows me to expand my capacity for empathy, become inspired, and to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in my own life choices.

When I first came up with the idea for my original site,, I created a list of potential blog posts. The very first thing I added to that list was a “Thoughtful 30” series, in which I would interview women who had already turned 30. I thought it would be so interesting to understand where other women were at in their lives emotionally, professionally, and creatively at that time.

My good friend Rachel filled out a questionnaire I created, and I’m happy to share it with you!

What I Learned From Packing Up My Car and Moving Across the Country at 23

When I was 23, my life was flipped upside-down. My serious boyfriend I’d been living with for three years broke up with me, and I was left with the bills, the rent, and a lot of confusion about life. Having graduated from college just four months prior but not sure what I wanted to do, I’d been craving a bit of adventure. Suddenly single, tired of my job, and with nothing to keep me in Colorado, I decided to move to California…

My Top 20 Trader Joe’s Products

I have a hard time remembering grocery-shopping life before Trader Joe’s, but in truth it’s only been about seven years since I stepped foot in the store as an adult. At just six years old, I was moved by my parents from California to Colorado. I remember my mom often lamenting about Trader Joe’s and how much she missed it. When I moved back out to California, it was one of my first stops… and now I can’t imagine my food-life without it! There’s a reason why people always joke around about Trader Joe’s parking lots (see here)—they’re ALWAYS packed, and getting in and out of that place is a lesson in patience. Over the years I’ve grown to love a number of their products, and I’ve included the most game-changing ones in this list. Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments!

By the way, this list is in no particular order. …Except for the chocolate. Chocolate is always first.